Revolution in Women's Soccer: NWSL announces 2024 final at CPKC Stadium

Kansas City's pioneering stadium to host women's soccer's most anticipated event in November
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The NWSL's announcement that the 2024 final will be held at CPKC Stadium in Kansas City is not just a milestone, but a real revolution in women's soccer. Recently opened, the stadium is a symbol of progress and investment in women's sport, being the first in the world built specifically for a professional women's team, Kansas City Current, and will now host the most anticipated event of the year in women's soccer on November 23rd.

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Let's face it, women's soccer has always struggled for recognition and adequate infrastructure. Seeing the NWSL final in a stadium that is a true sanctuary for the players and fans is like a goal in the last minute of extra time: epic and life-changing. The decision to hold the playoffs at CPKC Stadium, with a capacity of 11,500 fans and no seat more than 100 feet from the field and a venue built specifically for a professional women's team, reflects this paradigm shift.

Jessica Berman, commissioner of the NWSL, highlighted the importance of this choice. "CPKC Stadium symbolizes the explosive growth and investment we are witnessing in the NWSL, women's soccer and women's sports around the world," she said. The choice of this venue shows how much the NWSL and women's sport have evolved. It's not just a game, it's a celebration of what women's soccer has become - a spectacle worthy of global attention.

For Kansas City fans, this is a unique opportunity to witness the elite of world women's soccer in action. Angie Long, co-founder and owner of Kansas City Current, made no secret of her enthusiasm: "We are very excited to welcome the world to our home. CPKC Stadium is the first stadium built for moments like these." And moments like these are essential to inspire the next generation of athletes, to show that women's soccer has a prominent place on the global sports scene.

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The meteoric rise of women's soccer in the NWSL is palpable. In 2024, attendance at matches exceeded one million fans for the third consecutive season, and the broadcast audience increased by 95% compared to 2023. On social media, impressions rose by 94%, while sales on almost tripled. These numbers don't lie: women's soccer is booming and finally getting the recognition it deserves.

The choice of Kansas City and CPKC Stadium is no coincidence. Angie Long, co-founder and owner of Kansas City Current, emphasized that the stadium was built for moments like this. The state-of-the-art infrastructure promises an incomparable experience for both players and fans, inside and outside the stadium. And let's face it, Kansas City's passion for sport is contagious.

With the championship approaching, preparations are already in full swing. Eight clubs will qualify for the 2024 NWSL Playoffs, in an expanded format that promises even more excitement. The quarterfinal round will take place on the weekend of November 9 and 10, followed by the semifinals on November 16 and 17. And of course, it will all culminate in the grand final on November 23 at the CPKC Stadium.

The championship schedule will be surrounded by a series of events, including the eagerly awaited Fan Fest, which promises to bring even more interaction and fun to the fans. These complementary events are an excellent way to engage the community and create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

The NWSL's decision to hold the 2024 final at CPKC Stadium is a significant milestone for women's soccer. It is a celebration of the progress made and an optimistic vision for the future. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, increased fan engagement and continued growth, women's soccer is undoubtedly on the rise. And Kansas City is at the center of that movement, ready to make history in November.