Red Bull Rumblings: Hassan Ndam not returning

FC Cincinnati v New York Red Bull - 2023 MLS Cup Final
FC Cincinnati v New York Red Bull - 2023 MLS Cup Final / Howard Smith/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Earlier this month, there was movement within the roster of the Red Bulls. One of the players that will not be returning would be Hassan Ndam who played in the wings of the defense of the Red Bulls. I saw him live with a neutral fan two times near the end of the season. In the first game I saw he got a red card on the second to last game he showed some improvement but there were times where he was beat.

In the Reserve Squad that plays in MLS NEXT Pro there are many players that could take his slot in the roster. For instance there is the chance that Copeland Berkley who is 17 might make the move to the senior roster. While he's only 17 years old, he has better stats than Ndam had while playing in the reserve squad. Copeland played 19 games in the MLS NEXT Pro, being a starter in 16 of them, Ndam only 6 games prior to his call-up. Copeland also compiled four yellows over the course of 1310 minutes played for an average of .003 yellows. Ndam had a yellow in 511 minutes for an average of .002.

This might be a player for player substitution at the same position but there are going to be 11 players who are going to be on roster with Ndam's departure.  While being in the senior squad Copeland could receive minutes or train with the rest of the senior players trying to impress the new coaching staff as the interim coach Troy Lesesne's contract was not picked up for the upcoming season. Moreover, since the team functions as a feeder team to RB Leipzig and Salzburg Red Bull, it'll make sense if the team moves for a younger player who has played a considerable amount of time in the academy. Moreover, the team generally promotes talent from within to fill their ranks.