Ranking the 2024 NWSL Kits

The 2024 NWSL kits are here! Nike and the league combined together for new primary and secondary kits for clubs in the NWSL. Check out our ranking of the best and worst kits from the 2024 season.
Feb 8, 2024; San Diego, CA, USA; Amirah Ali, Jaedyn Shaw and Elyse Bennett pose for a photo during
Feb 8, 2024; San Diego, CA, USA; Amirah Ali, Jaedyn Shaw and Elyse Bennett pose for a photo during / Abe Arredondo-USA TODAY Sports
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Divine and Immaculate

3. Racing Louisville

Racing Louisville, take a bow. Since entering the NWSL, Racing has consistently provided good-looking kits. This set is no different. The diamond pattern, with a powder lavender is just divine. It's similar to what Sporting Kansas City did this year with their diamond kit.

The purple kit has, just like the Current, another texture-based design. On the surface, it looks like a plain, dark purple kit. However, if you look closely at the stitching, there are thick line textures that make the look.

Racing Louisville earned my top nod last year with the Houndstooth kit, but this year they slide down to third place. But, to no fault of their own. There are two kits that just narrowly beat Racing Louisville.

2. Orlando Pride

Do the Pride have a plain purple kit? Eh, sort of it. It's another design that has texture qualities that you need a microscope to spot. However, the immaculate nature of the 'Citrus Kit' makes up for any plain purple — it would make up for any white shirt, too.

The Citrus Kit is beyond good. It's quite literally divine and immaculate. The colors are Florida embodied. Florida is the sunshine state and in Florida, they're known for their oranges. There are 'giant orange' shops almost everywhere around the Orlando area.

The colors work, and it's a lovely nod to the home state. The pattern looks good. It's a strong start to 2024 for the Pride. In regard to themes, Orlando is at the top spot. But, style-wise, there is one higher kit on the list.

And the winning, best kit of the 2024 NWSL season is...

1. Houston Dash

Oh my stars! The Houston Dash have released their 10th anniversary kit and their 'Space City Blue' kit. The texture pattern on the powder blue kit is solid. The color itself is a nod back to Houston's 2020 away kit.

But the orange one stole my heart the moment I saw it. The design is an orange overlay, with a pattern that includes a star-like emblem all around. The 'stars' are yellow, dark orange, white and blue. It's a homage to all the kits that have come before in Dash history.

Also, who can argue with a black outline around the neck and arms? If you look in the bottom left, too, you'll see a block-logo for the Dash. There doesn't seem to be a rebrand on the horizon for Houston, but the 'box' logo adds a unique touch to the kit.

Congratulations, Houston. In the opinion of this writer, you don't have a problem. You have the best kit in the NWSL this year.