On the European stage: MLS players ready for challenges at Euro 2024

MLS will have eight representatives at Euro 2024 to shine in eight groups of the competition

The Euro 2024 is about to kick off, and the excitement among football fans is reaching fever pitch. But for Major League Soccer (MLS) supporters, the anticipation is even greater, as eight league players have been called up to represent their national teams in the tournament, which will be held in Germany from June 14 to July 14.

The MLS contingent includes big names like Xherdan Shaqiri (Chicago Fire), Olivier Giroud (Los Angeles FC), David Brekalo (Orlando City), Saba Lobjanidze (Atlanta United), Cristian Olivera (Los Angeles FC), Bartosz Slisz (Atlanta United), Henrich Ravas (New England) and Dániel Gazdag (Philadelphia Union).

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These players will now have the opportunity to showcase their talents on the biggest stage in European football. For them, Euro 2024 represents a unique opportunity to shine on a global stage. Playing alongside some of the best players in the world and competing against the top European national teams could be a game-changer for their careers.

At the same time, the presence of these athletes is also a great opportunity for MLS to promote itself as a top-tier league. The performances of MLS players in the tournament could help to increase interest in the league both in the United States and around the world.

A Look at the Groups

To help you keep track of the MLS players' games at Euro 2024, you can look out for the following clashes in the group stage of the competition:

Switzerland Matches

Midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri is the sole Swiss representative. The Chicago Fire player will be in action in Group A matches.

Group A

  • Hungary (Cologne, June 15)
  • Scotland (Cologne, June 19)
  • Germany (Frankfurt, June 23)

Hungary Matches

Dániel Gazdag, of the Philadelphia Union, will also be defending the Hungarian team in Group A and will have a meeting with Shaqiri, scheduled for the 15th of this month.

Group A

  • Switzerland (Cologne, June 15)
  • Germany (Stuttgart, June 19)
  • Scotland (Stuttgart, June 23)

Slovenia Matches

David Brekalo is a defender for Orlando City. His national team is not the favorite of the group and will face tough clashes, especially against the group favorite, England.

Group C

  • Denmark (Stuttgart, June 16)
  • Serbia (Munich, June 20)
  • England (Cologne, June 25)

Poland Matches

Bartosz Slisz is one of the representatives of Atlanta United. Called up by the Polish national team, which has fallen into a balanced group.

Group D

  • Netherlands (Hamburg, June 16)
  • Austria (Berlin, June 21)
  • France (Dortmund, June 25)

France Matches

Olivier Giroud and Cristian Olivera, both Los Angeles FC players, have been called up by France, who are one of the favorites to win the tournament.

Group D

  • Austria (Düsseldorf, June 17)
  • Netherlands (Leipzig, June 21)
  • Poland (Dortmund, June 25)

Slovakia Matches

Henrich Ravas, of New England, is the only goalkeeper on the list. Slovakia has fallen into a group that has Belgium as a candidate to take first place, while second place could be up for grabs, perhaps for the Slovaks.

Group E

  • Belgium (Frankfurt, June 17)
  • Ukraine (Düsseldorf, June 21)
  • Romania (Frankfurt, June 26)

Georgia Matches

Saba Lobjanidze, of Atlanta United, is the last MLS player to take the field. However, despite the Georgian team having some interesting players, it is not one of the favorites to qualify.

Group F

  • Turquia (Dortmund, 18 de junho)
  • República Checa (Hamburgo, 22 de junho)
  • Portugal (Gelsenkirchen, 26 de junho)