Chicago Fire don't mess around! Gastón Giménez declared non-transferable

Vélez Sarsfield and Boca Juniors are on the sidelines
Chicago Fire FC v Inter Miami CF
Chicago Fire FC v Inter Miami CF / Mark Brown/GettyImages

Chicago Fire FC have decided to keep Paraguayan midfielder Gastón Giménez in their squad, declaring him non-transferable. The decision came after strong approaches from Argentine clubs, notably Vélez Sarsfield and Boca Juniors, who were eyeing the talented 32-year-old. It's a clear message: the Fire know the value of their player and don't intend to open him up in any way.

Giménez, a player with skill and vision, can contribute to the Chicago Fire's tactical scheme. His fine, lyrical style, coupled with excellent ball control and complete vision of the game. At 1.88m tall, he stands out not only for his physical presence, but also for his precision on the pitch.

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The interest from Vélez Sarsfield and Boca Juniors is no coincidence. Giménez had already shown his worth in Argentina before his move to Major League Soccer (MLS). At Vélez, he excelled as a central midfielder and even as a libero, a position that led to him being called up to the Argentinian national team and, later, the Paraguayan national team. It was this impressive performance that led to a million-dollar move to Chicago Fire, who shelled out over US$4 million to secure his services.

This MLS season, Giménez has featured in 17 games, making more of a defensive commitment, as well as contributing a goal and maintaining an impressive 84% pass success rate. His positioning, long-ball ability and one-on-one duels are other qualities he possesses. Vélez were keen to repatriate Giménez. According to journalist César Luis Merlo, the Argentinian club is in negotiations to bring the player back, but the first offer was considered low. Although the player is willing to return to his home country if the parties reach an agreement, Chicago Fire seem undeterred. Boca Juniors, for their part, are watching the situation from afar, perhaps waiting for a more propitious moment to make a move.

The Chicago Fire's decision to keep Giménez also reflects the growing appreciation of the MLS as a serious destination for players. Once seen only as a retirement league for European stars, the MLS has established itself as a platform for development and competitiveness. Giménez is a living example of this: a player who continues to grow and excel, even after his time in traditional South American leagues.

Ultimately, the Chicago Fire's choice to keep Gastón Giménez is a shrewd move. The club is in a position, if it wants to, to sell him for an attractive price. If one of the Argentinian clubs wants the midfielder's services, they will have to pay the Fire a significant sum.