Billionaire Deal? Lyon's offer for Moise Bombito leaving Colorado Rapids in doubt

Colorado Rapids resist million-dollar offers from Lyon and other European clubs while Canadian defender Moise Bombito comes to the fore
Holland  v Canada -International Friendly
Holland v Canada -International Friendly / Soccrates Images/GettyImages

The hot item on the transfer market is Moise Bombito, the Canadian defender from the Colorado Rapids. French giants Lyon have put a €5 million offer on the table for the 24-year-old defender. But the American club is in no hurry to close the deal. The resistance to releasing Bombito for that amount shows the Rapids' confidence in the potential of the player, who is in the sights of several European clubs after his outstanding performance at the 2024 Copa America.

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The Colorado Rapids believe that Bombito is worth much more than the €5 million offered, an assessment that has been backed up by the player's solid performances for both club and country. The Denver Post reported that the club is in no hurry to trade him, which suggests a careful strategy to maximize the value of his transfer. The defender's manager is already in contact with the club, and it is expected that new offers will emerge in the coming weeks.

Moise Bombito began his career in American college soccer, where his speed and physical strength caught the eye. In 2022, he was signed by the Colorado Rapids and, since then, he has been playing at a very high level. His statistics are impressive: with an average of 4.1 cuts per game and not a single miss that resulted in a goal, he stands out for his defensive solidity and good passing, making it easy to build plays from the back.

This resistance from the Colorado Rapids can be seen as a market strategy, but also as proof that the club is focused on managing Bombito's career well. The idea is to only trade him when he is ready to play at another level in European soccer. And it's not just Lyon who are keeping tabs. Other European clubs have already shown an interest in the player, which could result in a fierce competition and, consequently, increase his market value even more.

There are also rumors of Bombito's possible move to Botafogo before heading to Europe. This strategy is part of the plans of the manager and the clubs involved, especially considering that Lyon is one of John Textor's teams, which also owns Botafogo. This move could help Bombito adapt to international soccer before facing the challenges of European soccer.

Fabrizio Romano, a renowned journalist in the world of transfers, was the one who brought this information to light. According to him, the Colorado Rapids are determined to do the best deal possible, ensuring that Bombito is at the top of his game when he makes the transition to European soccer. Bombito's performance at the 2024 Copa America, where he was a starter for the Canadian national team, further reinforces his reputation as one of the promising defenders of his generation.

The deal between Lyon and Colorado Rapids could include a player swap, which adds an extra layer of complexity and interest to the situation. The flexibility of the clubs to explore different forms of negotiation shows Bombito's importance in the current scenario. Meanwhile, Colorado Rapids fans can feel proud to have such a coveted player in their squad.

However, for the Rapids, the focus remains on performance on the pitch and building a competitive team. Bombito's possible departure will certainly leave a gap, but it will also open doors to new opportunities and talents. In the world of soccer, change is constant and inevitable, but every transfer brings with it the hope of new beginnings and achievements.