Ángel Di María swaps Europe for the MLS? Dream duo with Messi could happen at Inter Miami

After turning down offers from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Di María could join Messi at Inter Miami
Argentina v Peru - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024
Argentina v Peru - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024 / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

Ángel Di María, one of the biggest names in world soccer, could be on his way to a new challenge that promises to stir the hearts of fans. At the age of 36, after turning down offers from Galatasaray, Besiktas and a Saudi Arabian club, the Argentinian star has his sights set on Major League Soccer (MLS). More specifically, Inter Miami, the team owned by his old friend and national teammate Lionel Messi.

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Di María, who has declared his retirement from the Argentinian national team after the 2024 Copa America, still has a lot to offer. Even though he's hanging up his boots on the international stage, he's still a sought-after player. And no wonder: a World Cup winner in 2022 and currently in the top six scorers for the Argentinian national team with 31 goals, he remains a valuable asset for any team.

With the possibility of winning his second Copa América - the first was in 2021 - Di María wants to leave one last mark with the Albiceleste before thinking about the next step in his career. Argentina, who are awaiting their opponents in the final, could give him the farewell of his dreams, further elevating his status as a soccer legend.

But what makes fans' eyes glaze over is the real possibility of Di María joining Messi at Inter Miami. The Argentinian press, especially ESPN, has already confirmed that the price has been agreed and that the only thing left to decide is when Di María will wear the Inter Miami shirt: after the Copa America in July or in January. This decision will undoubtedly bring a new dimension to American soccer.

Di María had wanted to return to Rosario Central, the club that brought him up, but threats made him give up playing on Argentinian soil. This situation cleared the way for his possible move to Inter Miami. And, let's face it, the MLS would gain a lot from this. Imagine the Messi and Di María duo on the pitch again, this time in the United States, bringing all the magic and experience of European soccer to a league that is growing by leaps and bounds.

For Inter Miami, it would be a masterstroke. Bringing in two world champions, two geniuses of the ball, would not only raise the technical level of the team, but also put the MLS on another level of global visibility. Packed stands, jersey sales and media frenzy would be just some of the positive consequences of this bold move.

Of course, the final decision is still in Di María's hands. After the intense and exhausting Copa América, he will have time to reflect on his future. But the signs point strongly towards the MLS. The rejection of financially tempting offers from Turkey and Saudi Arabia reveals that Di María is looking for more than money at this stage of his career. He wants a new challenge, a new story to tell, and where better to do that than alongside Messi, in an emerging league like the MLS?

If Inter Miami manage to sign Di María, it will be a gift not only for the club's fans, but for all soccer lovers. Seeing this duo in action, even in a different context to Europe, will be a spectacle in itself. And, who knows, it could be the start of a new era for the MLS, attracting more world-renowned talent and consolidating the league as one of the greats in global soccer.