3 reasons why Arsenal legend Olivier Giroud will improve LAFC

Joining the roster this summer, here are 3 reasons why signing Olivier Giroud will immensely benefit LAFC...

France v Chile - International Friendly
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3. A goal-scoring knack

You know how when you watch some players, you just KNOW they're going to score? Well, that's what watching Olivier Giroud is like. In total, Giroud has scored 205 league goals across his career. An incredible achievement, given the level he's played at throughout.

Giroud has scored some ridiculous goals, too. As a striker who is primarily known as a "target-man", he provides so much more than just his height and heading ability. Interestingly, Giroud has scored one of the greatest goals in the history of the game.

His strike against Crystal Palace can never be replicated. Playing for Arsenal at the time, he scored a scorpion kick which is still analysed to this day. Giroud won the Puskas award for this goal, the award given to one person for scoring the best goal of the year. Not seen the goal, yet? Prepare to be amazed, LAFC fans...


LAFC fans, are you excited to see Olivier Giroud in the roster?