3 reasons why Arsenal legend Olivier Giroud will improve LAFC

Joining the roster this summer, here are 3 reasons why signing Olivier Giroud will immensely benefit LAFC...
France v Chile - International Friendly
France v Chile - International Friendly / Xavier Laine/GettyImages
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2. A winner's mentality

Olivier Giroud has not just played for some great clubs, but he has achieved great success with each of those teams. Perhaps his most notable career achievement was leading Montpellier to the Ligue 1 title, which isn't easy when competing against Paris Saint-Germain.

When he played for Arsenal, Giroud achieved great success, winning the FA Cup (oldest cup competition in the world) three times.

When he signed for Chelsea, Giroud only continued to shine. The Frenchman lifted the FA Cup again, alongside the Champions League and the Europa League - Two prestigious European trophies, the Champions League being the best, without a doubt.

Furthermore, Giroud won the Serie A with AC Milan. AC Milan are a historic Italian side, so seeing them lift the trophy again with Giorud leading the line was great to witness.

Oh, for good measure, Giroud won the World Cup with France. It's the biggest trophy any player can win, so for Giroud to be in the hall-of-fame is quite impressive.

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