Toronto FC’s 2022 Offseason Goals

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For the past two years now, I’ve written an article diving into my top offseason goals for Toronto FC, and just cause I didn’t do an article last offseason, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing these articles. So, after an abysmally terrible season for the Reds, let’s dive into what TFC’s goals should be this offseason.

Goal Number 1: Decide On The Leaders

Bob Bradley, LAFC

LAFC head coach Bob Bradley. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This isn’t specifically in reference to players, this is more so targeted at the front office and management staff. This season, as I have already mentioned and everyone is well aware of, was a complete and utter disaster.

It all stems back to the decision to bring in Chris Armas as head coach and various player personnel choices.

Toronto FC’s senior leadership, specifically ownership and Bill Manning, need to decide on the direction that they want the club to go, as well as critically examine whether or not the decisions made by staff have had a positive impact on the club.

Toronto FC have a lot of work to do – transfer and otherwise – this offseason

This stems all the way from the scouting staff, who haven’t had the greatest record over the last couple of years in acquiring quality talent, to the medical staff, to everywhere else in between. After this season, there frankly needs to be accountability and there need to be changes made in order to not repeat what just happened.

This started with mutually parting ways with general manager Ali Curtis and the hiring of Bob Bradley as Manager and Sporting Director. With Bradley should come a set direction that will hopefully allow the club to rebound after last seasons catastrophe.

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