MLS Fantasy: 5 sleepers to target for week 1

LA Galaxy, Javier Hernandez (Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images)
LA Galaxy, Javier Hernandez (Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images) /
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This year will have even more uncertainty in an MLS season that is already is full of inevitable changes and unknowns. With teams coming off vastly different offseasons and another new expansion team added to the mix in Austin FC, fantasy managers’ ability to pick up sleeper targets from week to week will be critical.

Whether you already selected your team or still plan to prior to the opening kickoff, we have analyzed all the stats of last year’s players and have identified five of the biggest MLS fantasy sleepers for this season.

There are many notable changes to this year’s fantasy game. However, none are more important than the salary change. Fantasy owners will now only have a $100 million salary cap, unlike the $120 million that was allowed during the hectic 2020 season.

MLS Fantasy Football is among us!

With this new salary cap, fantasy managers will need to be much more tactical in their roster selection and find multiple value/ sleeper players to have stars like Carlos Vela in their lineup.

Read below to figure who those top five sleeper selections for MLS fantasy week.