MLS: Why I’m done with the owners and you should be too

MLS (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)
MLS (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images) /

I’m done. This latest move from MLS owners has put me over the edge. The continued lack of respect, good faith, and concessions by the MLS owners is unacceptable. They’ve taken advantage of the players for too long, and it needs to end.

Now, I know, MLS teams are businesses first and foremost, so their ultimate goal is to make money, but this is going too far. At some point, the league has to have some respect for their employees.

They need to show a willingness to budge from their position and be willing to make some concessions. That’s what a negotiation is. As much as the league wishes that it’s a one-way conversation, it isn’t. You both need to make concessions. But, as of right now, the MLSPA are the only ones to have made any.

Unacceptable MLS negotiations regarding the CBA

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It’s unacceptable how these CBA negotiations have gone. How anyone could justify what the owners are doing right now is beyond me.

They are taking advantage of the pandemic to try and profit at the expense of the players. It’s immoral, in poor taste, and every fan and person involved should be ashamed of themselves.

If the league’s sponsors, and potential media partners, take note of what MLS has done, this could be very costly in the future.

How do you think a media company who’s likely going to spend hundreds of millions, to potentially over a billion, on a TV deal is going to view MLS having a lockout for no reason other than personal gain.

Nevermind the fact that it’s happening the year before the TV deal expires. Not having stability could cost MLS money, and for a league that’s going to heavily rely and try to capitalize on this upcoming TV deal, they could be shooting themselves in the foot here.

All of this is ignoring the likely continued worsening relationship between the league and PA. The already most likely strained relationship definitely won’t be helped by ANOTHER labour dispute. Nevermind how poorly and emotionally the latest negotiation has gone.

So, the moral of the story is, I’m tired. I’m done with the league attempting to take advantage of the players over and over and over again. It’s hurting this league that I care so much about and is so unbelievably frustrating. And I don’t even think I’m alone in this feeling. Everyone’s tired of the negotiations.

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Everyone’s tired of the bickering, only seeing concessions on one side, and never being able to enjoy the league without a labour battle hanging over our heads. MLS needs to understand that fans have had enough and that there is a very real possibility that they’ll start to lose them if they don’t start acting in good faith. Consider this your warning MLS, because we’ve had enough and we’re done with this crap.