Atlanta United’s tributes to late baseball legend Hank Aaron

Atlanta United (Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images)
Atlanta United (Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta United truly know how to show class and respect for events that might not even pertain to the club. Born 4 years after the inaugural FIFA World Cup (where the USA finished 3rd) and playing professional baseball in an era where Pele was making his name known, Hank Aaron was a person who not only smashed baseball records but forever changed the landscape of sports.

He paved the way for African Americans to achieve success and fair treatment on and off the field. A Hall of Famer, Hank Aaron will forever be remembered particularly in the city of Atlanta for his contributions as a player and a front office member. Atlanta United honored Aaron’s memory through multiple social media posts and gestures on January 22, 2021, the day of his passing.

For the upcoming 2021 season, Atlanta United are blocking off the number 44 for selection for their players to honor the legacy of Hank Aaron. While numbers higher than 25 are seldom used in soccer, it’s a sincere and moving gesture.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium has provided stunning views and been the backdrop for many memorable games in Atlanta United’s short history. Add this one to the list on a night where the stadium was empty, but hearts were full of compassion for the Aaron family and all who knew him. Atlanta United showcased a stunning view of the stadium as a worthy tribute for the legend.

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It’s impossible to tell the story of one sport without making connections to others, especially in the United States and Canada where multiple sports have captured the hearts of millions of fans across the years. There is no doubt Hank Aaron is missed within the soccer community, as all sports and parts of society would be a lot different without his legacy. Thanks to the actions of great people of the past, we can look toward a brighter future starting in 2021. May he rest in peace.