New York City FC get some positive news in ongoing stadium dilemma

New York City FC (Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images)
New York City FC (Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images) /

New York City FC has had positive news regarding their stadium

Over the last few years, New York City FC has faced a stadium dilemma.  The club has faced difficulty with finding a permanent home and has been kicked out of Yankee Stadium due to the New York Yankees and their schedule.  More importantly, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted professional sports, and NYCFC was forced to play the resumption of the regular season at Red Bull Arena, home to their rivals.

COVID-19 also understandably slowed down stadium search process.  But the frustration regarding the lack of transparency with the process and lack of a stadium all together has been bubbling way before the pandemic began.  Previously, it was discussed that the club must announce a stadium.  Hence, the club must now make this a high priority, as long as New York does not go through a second wave with COVID-19.

Whereas the stadium dilemma is still problematic, positive news emerged over the last week.  To begin, New York City FC is finally going home.  The club announced that they will play their remaining home games at Yankee Stadium.  This is great news for fans, even though they cannot attend matches.  The fact the Pigeons had to play at Red Bull Arena was a slap in the face, and fans were not happy.  But now the team can return home, and hopefully continue their home dominance that they have had in the Bronx.

Things are on the rise involving NYCFC playing in Yankee Stadium

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Of course, the only reason NYCFC can return to Yankee Stadium is because the Yankees will not be playing there.  With the regular season over, Major League Baseball’s playoffs will be held in bubble cities.

Thus, while the baseball stadium is considered to be home, the Pigeons still revolve around the Yankees.  There is no equality in sharing the stadium, for the baseball side will always come first.

Nonetheless, it is exciting that NYCFC can return to the Bronx, and finish out the season and play possible playoff games at the place that is home, even if not forever.  Furthermore, there is more positive news.  Despite the pandemic, there was some progress regarding the club’s permanent home.

According to Chris Campbell of The Outfield, who has reported detailed stadium updates in the past, said ‘Maddd Equities and its army of consultants have been working behind the scenes to move the stadium plan forward’.  Maddd Equities is the developer that New York City FC is working with for the stadium.

Over the last few years, NYCFC has been trying to obtain approval to build their home in an area known as the GAL site.  However, standing in their way was a Major Deegan Ramp and the GAL Factory.  But Maddd has now proposed removing a part of the ramp and then recommissioning another part.

"“Developers have proposed turning a large portion of the existing highway ramp into a pedestrian walkway from the soccer stadium to the Harlem River waterfront. “Activating the waterfront” was a key recommendation from last fall’s Urban Land Institute panel that studied the possibility of a stadium development along the River Avenue corridor.”"

This would give an accessible and safe way for pedestrians to cross the highway.  While finding a home for the GAL Factory is still the main issue, at least there has been some progress regarding the ramp.  Although small, such an update illuminates progress.

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Nevertheless, the positive news still does not outweigh the fact New York City FC does not have a permanent home.  They are still mere guests at Yankee Stadium, and always will be.  Yes, the pandemic postponed the progress of the stadium, but there should have been a stadium announcement a long time ago.  The club should be have been more transparent with the process as well.  So, until NYCFC makes a public announcement, the stadium dilemma continues.