New York City FC win thanks to a first half scoring frenzy

New York City FC Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
New York City FC Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

New York City FC won after a first-half scoring frenzy performance

The last time New York City FC faced Inter Miami CF, the Pigeons beat the Florida side 1-0, earning their first three points of the season.  Since then, NYCFC has earned a total of 20 points, and before the game, sat in sixth place in the Eastern Conference.  This game was a must need win, and the team wanted to continue where they left off last Saturday against FC Cincinnati.

This time around, there were more goals, and NYCFC had to face star players Gonzalo Higuaín and Blaise Matuidi for the first time.  The Pigeons still came out on top, winning 3-2.  In some ways, it was luck that NYCFC gained the three points.  Miami led in shots and possession, and the second half was a little messy and dull for the New York side.  But nonetheless, the win was deserved, and mostly due to the scoring.

To start, all five goals came in the first half.  For Miami, Lewis Morgan scored the brace for his club, but the first half belonged to NYCFC.  And once again, the Pigeons started the game with an early goal.

New York City FC got the job done against Inter Miami CF

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Rightfully starting in the #10 spot, Alexandru Mitriță was all over the center and left side of the pitch.  He was ready to play, and in the 4th minute showed Miami that they must be awake and alert when he is in the attacking third.

Captain Alexander Ring, who came off early in the last game from an injury scare, made an on-point pass toward Mitriță.  The Designated Player made the proper run and was able to touch the ball past goalkeeper Luis Robles.

Meanwhile, Mitriță not only scored the first goal but New York City FC’s last one as well.  Miami had a corner kick in the 43rd minute, but the Pigeons were able to regain possession and start a counter-attack.

Ring passed the ball to Mitriță, who then ran all the way up-field from NYCFC’s side of the pitch.  By the time he got close to goal, he was going against three defenders.  Unfortunately for the Herons, the defenders kept backing up, and the Romanian took his shot.  The ball deflected off of Ben Sweat, and then into the back of the net.

Mitriță has been an important asset in the last two games, and a huge factor in Saturday night’s win.  Yet, he was not the only player who continued his scoring ways.  Anton Tinnerholm, who is not a striker but a right-back, scored again.  His goal came in the 35th minute, and like FC Cincinnati, Miami’s defenders just let him move forward.  They gave Tinnerholm the room, and he took his chance, sweeping the ball past everyone and into goal.  Ring got the assist, who notably had a hat-trick of assists since he assisted on all three goals.

The first half was a scoring frenzy and was part of why New York City FC came out on top.  However, the second half was a different story.  There were no goals, and Inter Miami overwhelmingly led in possession.  They controlled the pace of the game, and the Pigeons struggled in gaining possession and attacking.  But fortunately, the defense showed up, even in a scrappy and lackluster half.  They kept Miami out of goal, and made the majority of interceptions and clearances in the second 45 minutes.

Plus, Sebastien Ibeagha, who was out most of the season due to injury, filled in for the absent Alexander Callens.  Not only did he play in a diligent and compelling manner, but he and Maxime Chanot put their bodies on the line to keep NYCFC in front.  While messy, NYCFC defended their goal and keeper in a resilient fashion, and thus kept Miami from getting the draw, or worse, the win.

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It was not pretty, but once again the missing goals arrived.  New York City FC moved into fifth place, and now can look forward to returning back home to the Bronx, for the remainder of their home games will be at Yankee Stadium.  Hopefully, the scoring will continue there, and maybe more of the attacking players will find the back of the net.  But NYCFC scored another three goals, and that can only boost the confidence even more in the upcoming games.