New York City FC draw in frustrating game against D.C. United

New York City FC (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
New York City FC (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

New York City FC and D.C. United’s match ended in a frustrating stalemate

On Sunday night, New York City FC went down to Washington D.C. to face D.C. United.  Previously, the Pigeons have had mixed results while playing at the nation’s capital, and the scores were mostly unpleasant.  The team has won just twice and lost the other four.  With three points between the two sides in the Eastern Conference Standings, a lot was riding on this game.

Unfortunately, NYCFC fell short despite putting on an offensive display.  While the match ended at 0-0, it truly feels like the team lost.  This was a game they should have won, and their attacking efforts prove it.

To begin, the Pigeons had almost 70% of the possession.  They were able to keep D.C. off the ball, and limit their opportunities.  When they lost the ball, it was usually for a brief period of time, and the team was quickly able to recover and regain control of the game.

New York City FC had plenty of chances to leave this match victorious

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This high possession thus increased NYCFC’s ability to take chances.  In the end, they had 19 shots registered, with five shots on goal.  Plus, nine starters registered a shot.  This alone makes the outcome surprising and disappointing.  They had so many opportunities, but could not deliver.

Meanwhile, D.C. United had zero shots.  This was only the second time in Major League Soccer’s history that a team was held to no shots.  Not only was their attack lackluster, but candidly it seemed the team decided early on to sit defensively.

Some may claim the 0-0 score line proves D.C. and their defense kept the Pigeons at bay.  However, NYCFC again had multiple opportunities to go ahead.  Yet, the players were unable to deliver, and D.C. were lucky to make it through unscathed.

In fact, it is ridiculous that New York City FC failed to score, and does not make sense with their attacking chances and possession being so high.  This game was their best offensive showing all season, and still attacking players struggled.  Were they just unable to finish in the attacking third?  Was it just bad luck?  While the scoring has been improving over time, there is no excuse.  Someone like Jesús Medina or Héber should have executed off the many opportunities created.

One such chance came in the 26th minute.  Ronald Matarrita accurately passed the ball over to Medina, who was in the center of the box.  However, the Paraguayan pushed the ball slightly wide to the left, missing the goal.  If he was on target, then undoubtedly NYCFC would have been up by one.  Missed chances like this prove the club still needs to work on their finishing.

Furthermore, NYCFC had many chances, but some were poorly taken.  There were numerous times when the ball was kicked well over the bar.  Some shots did not even go close to the goal.  Also, the team had time to get better organized, but instead, attempts at improbable goals were taken.

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Phase One of the MLS restart is almost complete, and New York City FC having a 3-1-1 record is not the worst thing.  Despite the draw against D.C., will the club be able to find their winning ways again?  Fans will have to wait and see until Saturday when the Pigeons take on FC Cincinnati.  But when all is said and done, they should have won this game. The score might have ended 0-0, but this result is frustrating after an attack heavy night.