New York City FC: Anton Tinnerholm soars against Chicago Fire FC

New York City FC, Anton Tinnerholm #3 (Photo by Ira L. Black - Corbis/Getty Images)
New York City FC, Anton Tinnerholm #3 (Photo by Ira L. Black - Corbis/Getty Images) /

Anton Tinnerholm of New York City FC soared against Chicago

On Saturday night, New York City FC hosted the Chicago Fire FC.  Going into the game, both teams were coming off of victories from the mid-week and wanted to win.  But for the Pigeons, they wanted more.  Before the game, Anton Tinnerholm told YES Network commentators Ian Joy and Paul Tolleson that they wanted Chicago to feel like they had a bad day.  They wanted their opponents to never want to return to face them.  And in the end, the Pigeons achieved that goal, beating the Fire.

Goals from Keaton Parks, Tinnerholm, and Captain Alex Ring, and then a mostly strong defensive showing, led the team to a 3-1 win.  While many players had notable performances, it was Anton Tinnerholm who truly soared against the Chicago Fire.  The right-back was named Man of the Match, and rightfully so.

To begin with, Tinnerholm’s talent is recognized by NYCFC fans, and he is very much appreciated.  Since joining the club in 2018, he has been an asset in the defense, and a menace on the wings.  He puts his heart and soul into every game, and never backs down.  His technical ability as a fullback proves he is a talented player and a worthwhile starter.  But every time he pulls on the NYCFC jersey, the right-back does even more, and that was evident against Chicago.

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Now, going back to Saturday’s game, Tinnerholm continued to be a stellar fullback.  When he was needed defensively, he was there.  He would swiftly line up with his fellow defenders to hold Chicago’s front line.

Plus, he aggressively went after the Fire attackers, trying to clear the ball and get it out of his team’s half of the pitch.  He even had two clearances and four recoveries and did not get gassed like some players on his opponent’s side.

Anton Tinnerholm also continued to be a problem on the right side for Chicago.  Numerous times, he was able to push up the pitch, looking for attackers to distribute the ball to.

His speed and ability to maneuver around players was too much for the Fire, and they could not contain him.  Hence, he was all over the right side of the pitch, especially in his opponent’s half.  Furthermore, the 29-year-old is known as an attacking fullback, and he did not disappoint.

When the second half started, New York City FC and the Chicago Fire were tied at 1-1.  Fortunately for the Pigeons, that tie did not last long.  In the 53rd minute, Maxi Moralez, who was subbed on at the half, noticed Anton Tinnerholm was free in the right side of the box.  He easily passed the ball to his teammate, and after a few touches, Tinnerholm was able to get the ball past Connor Sparrow and score the winning goal for his team.

However, the right-back did not stop there and continued to attack when NYCFC had possession of the ball.  He had numerous runs into the attacking third and unrelentingly attempted to pass the ball to attackers in the center.  His consistency led to an insurance goal by Alex Ring in the 75th minute.  After a pass from Jesús Medina, Tinnerholm faked where he was moving, opening up a path between two Chicago defenders.  He passed the ball across to Ring, who was then able to score, securing the win for the Pigeons.

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Between his defensive effort, the assist, the goal, and just the fact he was problematic for the Chicago Fire, Anton Tinnerholm truly soared.  He deservedly was Man of the Match for New York City FC and shined brightly for his club.