MLS: Don Garber is leading league down dark path

MLS, Don Garber (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
MLS, Don Garber (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /

MLS commissioner Don Garber made comments that could derail a successful season

The MLS is Back Tournament was rather successful for the league. They showed the right way to conduct things and probably gained some new fans. They also had an interesting final take place between the Portland Timbers and Orlando City with Portland taking the trophy home.

Besides having two clubs drop out, MLS did a good job handling the coronavirus. Constant testing, the bubble, and having no fans helped ensure that everything went perfectly. The tournament was completed and the league was able to help ensure that the 2020 season reaches a proper conclusion.

That is what makes commissioner Don Garber’s recent comments even more puzzling. MLS is planning on having clubs return to their home markets. This plan already has some inherent risks. With teams traveling all over the country, an outbreak could occur. We have seen this happen with Major League Baseball.

Don Garber is making a mistake wanting fans at MLS matches

But Garber wants to take things a step further. He wants fans at games as well. The commish isn’t just allowing fans at games, he seems to actively be campaigning for them to attend.

This has the potential to go very poorly. Of course, there is the chance that a miracle occurs and somehow no one gets infected. The chances of that happening seem as likely as the New England Revolution winning the MLS Cup this year

The most likely scenario is what we see going on in MLB. Clubs get the coronavirus and games are postponed. This could even lead to the 2020 season being scrapped. This would be the worst-case scenario for the league. How would they even be able to crown a champion? Also, this could affect the start time of the 2021 season. Unlike MLB, MLS isn’t really built to postpone games.

MLS has to proceed with caution. Allowing fans would be doing the opposite of that. It would be taking a lot of risk for little reward. It’s not like the league is going to make up for all of their lost revenue. Even if there are no fans there is an inherent risk thanks to traveling that the coronavirus could spread. The only leagues that have been successful are the ones with a bubble.

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Hopefully, Garber rethinks his stance on having fans for the safety of the players and the game. If not the 2020 season could be in jeopardy.