New York City FC: 3 questions after MLS is Back Tournament

New York City FC (Photo by Roy K. Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
New York City FC (Photo by Roy K. Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /
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New York City FC
New York City FC (Photo by Roy K. Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images). /

2. Should NYCFC make a summer signing?

Between the 2019 and 2020 seasons, New York City FC did not make too many signings.  For the most part, the team has the majority of the same players from the previous season.  In Major League Soccer, this is an oddity, since teams usually make major changes every year.  However, why would a club make a lot of changes to a team that was first in the Eastern Conference?

Despite the talent, NYCFC should make a signing this summer, specifically for a player who can start.  They are struggling so far and could use the extra help.  Plus, no one knows what the future holds for some players like Maxi Moralez, for his contract ends in 2021 and he is getting older, and James Sands, who Deila believes will gain European interest.  By signing someone now, the Pigeons will be better prepared for when one of their starters leave.  It would also increase the competitiveness for the starting XI, which in hand forces players to not get complacent, and rather work diligently at their skills and craft.

Furthermore, there have been starters who have faced injury already.  While not serious, Moralez and Héber were limited minutes wise during the MLS is Back tournament.  And Ismael Tajouri-Shradi’s hamstring injury obtained against Miami kept him out against Toronto and even Portland.  It is not known when he will be able to play again.  Hence, it would make sense to sign another attacker.

Signing another attacker might just help with their scoring hindrance.  It might encourage the other offensive players to get going, and having another natural scorer will give Deila another option to rely on.  As good as Héber is, the Brazilian is injury prone, and Castellanos can easily play on the wings.  Therefore, the club should sign another center forward or striker.

Nonetheless, any addition, either defensive or offensive, that could increase internal competition, and overall help NYCFC win games, would be a welcome addition.  So the Pigeons should sign someone new this summer, and preferably, someone who could start.