Seattle Sounders: 5 takeaways from second week of training camp

Stefan Frei of the Seattle Sounders. (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)
Stefan Frei of the Seattle Sounders. (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images) /
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Seattle Sounders
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2. Fun and games

We have already written about the need for professionalism and putting the best version of yourself forward each and every day. However, we also touched on the vital attribute of camaraderie between teammates.

In this respect, again reported by Mondello, the players enjoyed an entertaining Thursday morning of dodgeball followed by a walk to the waterfront. The fun continued into the afternoon with a swim and yoga on the beach.

Despite the understandable focus on preparing for the new season during the 12-day trip to California, it is also important to still have some time away from football. Friday saw the entire staff have the whole day off, with some going to the beach and others travelling to Disneyland.

The Sounders must find the right balance between focusing on professionalism and training while also letting the players enjoy themselves and relax. Everything is connected to team bonding, which will be so vital once the real action begins and everyone needs to rely on each other.