USL Week 27: Playoff noose tightens, but for whom is the bell tolling?

GLENDALE, AZ - JULY 20: Romario Williams
GLENDALE, AZ - JULY 20: Romario Williams /
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USL playoff fever begins to thin the herd as Div II crisis looms

USL’s former competing Division II league, NASL, filed suit against the USSF this week. This blowhard-commenter (“me”) is still thinking about what that might mean for the future of soccer in the USA. For now, the league’s pending anti-trust action likely just means that NASL will still be certified as Div II for the time being. “The time being” likely means for as long as a court is willing to provide an injunction blocking USSF’s action as representing an immediate danger to the league’s livelihood. That, in turn, means back to business as usual for now.

As October approaches, “business as usual” means it’s playoff time…