Building A Fan Base: Supporters Groups And Atlanta United- Part 4 of 4

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 05: The Atlanta United fans cheer during the game against the New York Red Bulls at Bobby Dodd Stadium on March 5, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 05: The Atlanta United fans cheer during the game against the New York Red Bulls at Bobby Dodd Stadium on March 5, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images) /

With a team that’s currently sitting fourth in the table in the Eastern Conference, Atlanta United looks to have exceeded expectations for themselves, the front office, and the fans in some aspects of the build in the organization…

Team President Darren Eales admitted that much in an interview on the “Soccer Down Here Daily” radio program this week. Listen to that interview here as Eales begins at the 1:15:00 mark or so. 

And with the fans creating an entirely sold-out season at their first home, Georgia Tech’s Grant Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium, the fans have taken on another mantle of responsibility, being active in the community through the supporters groups.

So, Multiplex caught up with the four SG’s one last time to find out about this part of their growth.

The four groups are:

Footie Mob

Terminus Legion

Resurgence and

The Faction

Multiplex has asked the groups about the other aspects of their maiden voyage

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So, now it’s on to ask about giving back…

It’s cool that the groups are active in the community to spread the word about United and the sport. What are you guys up to and what struck you to go in that particular direction?

Austin Long/Terminus Legion President

Spreading the word is how Terminus Legion began. Terminus Legion started as a grassroots effort to increase awareness about the beautiful game and to bring an MLS team to Atlanta. The efforts concentrated around a website (ATLWantsMLS), which was a central place for news and this was combined with a petition and watch parties for soccer games from around the world.

Allison Noffsinger- Resurgence Board of Directors

Absolutely.  That’s what we’re all about.  RSG believes in giving back and just finished a volunteer event last week for Earth Day.  We had members cleaning up the streets of Atlanta, helping Friends of English Avenue.

Curtis Jenkins- Footie Mob President

Sports can be an amazing “meeting place” for people. Soccer uniquely so because it can be played almost anywhere, with any number of people. Those people can be tall, short, fast, slow and any combination of traits and find a place on the field. For all of the soccer world’s squabbles over the language and business of the sport, the game is amazing and sells itself. We just try to offer opportunities to take part in it.

Kevin Kinley- The Faction Co-Founder

The foundation of our group is based on community involvement with the club but more without them. We are building a legacy for our members and children. Our mission is using sport to help develop youth character and the language of soccer to promote tolerance, inclusivity, and the value of collaboration in achieving success.

Our main philanthropic efforts right now are with The Fugees Family. Our tailgate proceeds and direct donations from our members go directly to help The Fugees program. We believe strongly in what they are about and we’ll be building on that for the future.

How would you like to grow and expand your reach? And it even comes to the fore with watch parties when the team is on the road?

Long/Terminus Legion 

Terminus Legion stretches across the Southeast with chapters in Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina. We love hearing stories and seeing pictures of #FiveStripe fans from all over the region. And when these fans can actually come to a tailgate and match, it makes it that much better.

Watch Parties are a great way to support the team and stay in touch with our members. In 2016, we started the TL Brew Tour which has several benefits: raising awareness of Terminus Legion and Atlanta United; giving our members an opportunity to catch up; and allowing members and guests to check the amazing craft beer all over Georgia.

So whether it’s at Fado Buckhead or other establishments around Atlanta or as part of the TL Brew Tour, Terminus Legion supports Atlanta United when they are on the road.


We’re about quality over quantity.  We want members who fit our image and are 100% engaged.  When we call for volunteers, we want our members fighting over the spots.  You don’t see that in the other SGs.  Our members are incredibly dedicated.  You won’t see RSG trying to start chapters in other cities or states.

Jenkins/Footie Mob

Our growth has always been based on growing organically: friends of friends, people who’ve​ come to our events​. We want to build a community based around a love of the game and all of its facets.

Kinley/The Faction

We aren’t exclusive to Atlanta but the majority of our 1000+ members are inside the perimeter and just beyond. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be meaningful in representing our group, the club and our city.

Anyone gone on the road this year from the group? Anything planned?


TL has had a member at almost every away games this season. Orlando will be a big focus with about 50 TL members joining the huge group heading down there for the match. There is also a contingent travelling to SKC in August. As for the playoffs . . .


I think we have about 70 members with tickets to the Orlando game and 10-15 with tickets to NYCFC.  We had 1-2 in Toronto, 2-3 in Seattle, and 3 in Minnesota.  Other games are in the works.  I think RSG will travel well, especially next year.


We’ve had members go to Seattle, Toronto and NYCFC so far. We’ve got a group going to Orlando and more as the season goes on.


We’ve had many members go to the road games. We have a large contingent going to Orlando and Boston.

One final question: The tailgate… It reminds me a LOT of bringing an SEC-football mentality to the experience at a United match… True comparison?


I reached out to TL members to get their thoughts.

Several members mentioned that the Supporters Groups tailgates have more of a community based feel and are close to a Southern tailgate experience.  Adam Wright mentioned that he gets “more of a block party or neighborhood feel to our tailgates, and there is more diversity and positive energy than a college football tailgate.”

Jason Wells chimed in saying, “I look forward each week to meeting new members I haven’t met before instead of hanging out with a group of friends I know very well. Also, the energy/passion of AUFC fans brings a different vibe of excitement and anticipation than the very relaxed and casual atmosphere that a football tailgate might bring. Another BIG difference is our tailgate is winding down at 2 hours till kickoff, whereas football tailgates are ramping up. With no march to the march, football tailgates will wrap up about 30 mins to kickoff.


Response from our GT contingent:  “SEC tailgates ain’t sh*t”  (ed.note- point taken, I really meant southern college football tailgating in general as a graduate of a now-ACC school, with five conferences represented in the state of Georgia alone). Answering your question, I guess so.  That came about organically and accidentally.  The FO now gives the 4 SGs that whole lot because they loved what happened during game one.  However, it was never planned to happen like that.   We’re happy with the situation.  We’re the only group that doesn’t feed our entire chapter.  We buy 30-50 hotdogs/burgers and provide a grill and encourage members to bring food and be communal about it.  We’re lucky to have 3 Taverns generously donate all the beer.  We don’t want to be bogged down with tailgate plans and such.  And, we’d rather have our volunteers help with tifo than with tailgate.  So, again, we’re the odd one when it comes to tailgating, but we have an absolute blast and don’t plan to change anything.


To me tailgates are such a Southern thing. It’s a part of Southern culture where people come from far and wide for games. It’s such a communal event and in a region where “pub culture” isn’t the norm, it replicates some of the social facets. Everyone at Footie Mob really enjoys them. The lot has become a great meeting place for everyone. Everyone stops by to say hello to friends from all the other groups. Music fills the air, and there’s always amazing conversations about the last game or that day’s game.


One of the small reasons why we started our group was “Hey, we’re going to be tailgating anyway, why not start a supporters group and bring others in to the fold”. We wanted a southern football tailgate atmosphere at our pre-game. The first game, we roasted a whole pig, and every game we have activities for kids such as the soccer arena Dragongoal. We want families to have a good time and not have to worry about bringing food, drinks, chairs, kids activities and everything else.

So, there you have it…

A quick look at the SG’s and how they’re already an integral part of the framework that is the fandom of Atlanta United in their first season…

Before we go, I would like to put out a BIG thanks to all four groups for putting up with all the e-mail conversations we’ve had to put this together…

Without you, this in-depth look would never have happened…

See you pitchside, y’all…