Chicago Fire seek Bastian Schweinsteiger

Apr 4, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; A general shot outside Toyota Park prior to a game between the Chicago Fire and Toronto FC. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 4, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; A general shot outside Toyota Park prior to a game between the Chicago Fire and Toronto FC. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports /

A tweet launched a slough of comments on reddit: Bastian Schweinsteiger is rumored to be coming to the Chicago Fire from Manchester United.

The tweet, below, about a Chicago Fire transfer target was the spark that launched a thousand comments, figuratively speaking.

Once, a World Class midfielder, Bastian Schweinsteiger is still a general on the pitch, an inspiring work horse, a champion many times over, and a Deutsche Fußballmeister!

Das Gerücht

Rumors of Chicago Fire pursuing Schweinsteiger began in November 2016, persisting in some form, ever since. Comments on reddit and #cf97 nation seem split as to whether this is, indeed, the right move to make.

I find myself waffling on it, as well.

First things first, the Chicago Fire do not need another CM/CDM type, when they already have, arguably, two of the best in the league in Dax McCarty and Juninho.

To reinforce the Fire’s strongest position with an even stronger player seems unnecessary with the conspicuous hole at right back still glaring us in the face. So much glaring. RB, CAM, or RW seem like money better spent, on this current roster.

But perhaps Veljko Paunovic has plans for a different formation?

Speculation on what the formation could look like.


On second thought, I think I could get used to this new look Chicago Fire.

We may have a potential MLS powerhouse midfield on our hands.

Deutsche Fußballmeister!

Before we start salivating at this lineup, lets discuss what Bastian Schweinsteiger brings to the table.

He hasn’t been able to stay healthy while at Manchester United, not to mention his last few years at Bayern Munich. This current season, Bastian’s played in 4 total matches out of 48 possible. Not good.

His injury history, is concerning, to say the least. I’d be remiss to mention that it’s been reported that another knock kept him out of Manchester United’s latest match, on March 13th.

Never a pacey player to begin with, his spat of leg injuries couldn’t have helped. Yet he churns on, an interminable soccer machine.

Despite those nagging injury concerns, he will always have that desire to dominate still burning inside him.

His raw soccer smarts are off the charts. There wasn’t a single Bayern Munich game that he played in that you did not hear him shouting at his teammates to get into the right position or where to play the ball.

His first touch is deft and deadly. It has to be, when speed is not your strong suit. His vision for passes will not have left him, nor his ability to sniff out an interception.

A strong dribbler, Schweinsteiger uses his first touch to create space for the next pass. And, on his day, he is known to score some real stunners.

To me, what sets a world class player from a great player is what’s between the ears. During his stretch of dominance, Bastian Schweinsteiger exemplified the definition of world class soccer intelligence.

From the Bundesliga Youtube page.

Regardless of whether or not its the right move, signing a player of this caliber would represent a HUGE move for the Chicago Fire. Never before has a soccer player this accomplished chose Chicago.

Getting the chance to train with a legend like this would be a huge boost for the Men in Red, and may be worth the price of admission, alone. The mentality he could help instill in the club seems to dovetail perfectly with what GM Nelson Rodriguez seems to value in his latest bout of signings: Leadership.

Furthermore, Scweinsteiger’s mere presence would generate international interest in the club and undoubtedly improve player recruitment.

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Besides making the club all that more attractive to players, it has been speculated that his signing would help entice new sponsors, increased attention from a city that largely ignores it, and, potentially, a new owner.

Should Bastian still be able to bring it on the pitch for a full 90, Chicago stands to gain a lot of ground on the rest of the Eastern Conference. The addition of a household name would go a long way in this city of sports icons, too, helping to fill the seats at Toyota Park.

I may not be sure if this is ultimately the best move for the Fire, at the moment, but I am sure of one thing: If Bastian Schweinsteiger joins the Chicago Fire, his jersey will be MEIN!