Seattle Sounders: Player Ratings v FC Dallas

Jul 13, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC starters pose for a photo before kickoff against FC Dallas at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Dallas 5-0. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 13, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC starters pose for a photo before kickoff against FC Dallas at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Dallas 5-0. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Sounders Look Like a Team Again!

It was a big night for the Seattle Sounders, who have been slowly but surely careening towards the bottom depths of the table this season. The midweek match against an experimental FC Dallas side gave the lethargic Sounders an opportunity to rip apart the opposition, scoring a remarkable 5 unanswered goals. Find out who shined and who was dim in this week’s Sounders player ratings.


Stefan Frei (6): Frei wasn’t asked to do much. Dallas had a measly two attempts on goal, neither of which were on frame.

Joevin Jones (8): Jones got a goal! And it was a great goal! Aside from that, the young defender did well to stay in position and create some dangerous runs on the wing, pressing the attack against FCD.

Chad Marshall (7): Chad had a solid match, playing in his usual intelligent fashion. Marshall continues to be great in the air, and won several key headers on the Sounders defensive half.

Brad Evans (5): From a guy who yells at his players a lot, is a frequently wearer of the captain arm band, and has no problem taking the Sounders to task off the pitch, he seemed slow to the ball on Wednesday. Fortunately, it was a match in which he was seldom called upon. He did integrate himself in the attack more, which might explain some of his struggles to get back into position.

Oniel Fisher (8): Fisher had a solid game, and it was his first start since opening day! He will appreciate the minutes, and did well to threaten from the right side, while continuing to cover his defensive duties.

Look at all the young kids celebrating!


Ozzie (8): The Honey Badger had himself a great match. He was instrumental in winning the secondary balls in the mid, and was the ignition switch that led to Jordan Morris’ goal. Ozzie was also key in denying the witless FC Dallas team from generating attack in the mid.

Cristian Roldan (8): Roldan impressed me in this match more than he had previously. He played with plenty of intensity, and showed vast improvements in his distribution. His headed goal was a sublime, well deserved, and much needed first goal for Roldan. I hope he continues playing this way.

Erik Friberg (7): The Swede looked more comfortable playing a more free-floating midfield position. He still looked slow at times in getting to balls, and also has yet to show effective aggression in attacking the ball. That being said, his veteran skills were shown in his short and technical passing.

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Andreas Ivanschitz (9): Andreas looked alive and happy against FC Dallas. He played intelligently and directed much of the attack. He scored an absolutely stunning chipped shot while using his strength to get space from the defender, and used that cultured left foot to place it easily. Andreas also sent in the picture-perfect curving cross straight to Roldan’s head, leading to another of the five Sounders goals. It was by far the best match he has had in a while. He is my Man of the Match.

Jordan Morris (9): Morris will be very happy with that goal. Dempsey did well to see his supporting run, but the way he played off the shoulder of the clueless Aubrey David was magnificent. It was a very professional goal. Morris continued to work tirelessly in pressing the attack. He seemed to sense some blood in the water and he showed some new, uncharacteristic savageness in his attack.

Jul 13, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Clint Dempsey (2) stands over FC Dallas midfielder Juan Ortiz (20) after fouling him during the first half at CenturyLink Field. Looking on are FC Dallas defender Aubrey David (2) and referee Ricardo Salazar and Seattle Sounders FC forward Andreas Ivanschitz (23). Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

Clint Dempsey (6): Clint frustrates me a lot sometimes. He can find spaces where no one else does, he can distribute with an ability rarely seen in MLS, but he is so easily hooked into mundane things. He assisted Morris’ goal, and scored from the spot. But the fact remains, he got hooked into Ortiz’s game, and got the red. I somewhat wished that referee Ricardo Salazar had picked up on this earlier, but there is no excuse for this type of reaction from a veteran player.


Aaron Kovar (7): It was great to see Kovar show some technical abilities in this match. Coming on for Friberg at the half, he made a great impact in the attack. He helped set up Joevin Jones’ goal with a nifty touch and turn play. Further, he did a great job supporting the attack by drawing the occasional defender as well as effectively shielding defenders from other attacking plays while playing with his usual tenacity. Kovar just plain looked smarter on the field.

Tony Alfaro (7): Every time this kid steps onto the field, he shows that he has grown a little bit more. His defensive marking looks tight and clean, while his vision has improved enough for him to recognize when he should clear his lines or if he can work the ball out from the back. Keep playing him, because Alfaro can be a joy to watch.

Oalex Anderson (7): There wasn’t much left for Anderson to do once he came onto the pitch for Ozzie Alonso. With FC Dallas just barely participating, he did well to stick to the game plan. He controlled the possession, didn’t giveaway the ball, and played smart.