Seattle Sounders: Player Ratings v Toronto FC

Jul 2, 2016; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto FC forward Sebastian Giovinco (10) dribbles the ball past Seattle Sounders midfielder Erik Friberg (8) in the first half at BMO Field. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 2, 2016; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto FC forward Sebastian Giovinco (10) dribbles the ball past Seattle Sounders midfielder Erik Friberg (8) in the first half at BMO Field. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports /

Seattle Sounders FC and Toronto FC Split Points in Second Half Battle

The Sounders had a tricky time activating their attack against an injured Toronto FC side on Saturday. Toronto managed to score first halfway through the second half, with Seattle immediately equalizing within the following minute. Both teams are currently struggling to find their form, and will hope to build on the point earned for the next match.


  • Stefan Frei (7): Frei did not have a whole lot to do this match. This was due to a combination of some decent to excellent defensive work, as well as Toronto not being able to finish their chances. His positioning was solid, but Frei was left out to dry after he made an initial save from Giovinco’s shot. That error goes to the defense, not to Frei.
  • Tyrone Mears (6): Mears has been seen much less in the attack, and did not have any significant contributions in the attacking third versus Toronto. He performed his defensive duties much better in the second half, although throughout the first half the Sounders were lucky to not be two goals down, as Toronto was able to find holes defensively but unable to finish.
  • Zach Scott (8): Zach Scott had a very impressive match, and perhaps this was due to it being his 36th birthday. He played the full 90 minutes, which was made more impressive as he played the full 120 minutes in the recent USOC victory versus Real Salt Lake, and even scored a penalty. Scott continued to demonstrate his veteran ability to read the plays, making several key tackles as well as not allowing the attacking Toronto much space to find shots on goal.
  • Chad Marshall (7): Chad Marshall put in a solid effort, playing his position well. The award-winning defensive back managed to stifle several efforts from Toronto, and distributed well. Marshall was subbed off early in the second half due to a head injury.
  • Joevin Jones (5): Jones has been struggling to find a consistent form, and this match was a prime example of that. He occasionally had flashes of solid athleticism, triggering attacks from the wing. But throughout the match, his defensive positioning left much to be desired, leaving far too much space to an always threatening Sebastian Giovinco. Jones needs to find the balance between his positioning and his athletic runs down the wing for him to have success. If not for his excellent long ball assist to Jordan Morris, he would have a lower.


  • Erik Friberg (6): Friberg has continued to show a proclivity to needless giveaways in the midfield. While he did have some decent distribution from the back to help set up some attacks, he seemed to waffle between committing to defense or supporting the attack. This led to some poor passes and positioning errors.
  • Ozzie Alonso (8): Ozzie demonstrated a strong level of intensity in the first half, working to distribute the ball and instigate the attack, while fulfilling his defensive roles fairly well. In the second half he played like a man possessed, seemingly capable of being wherever he had to be on the field.
  • Cristian Roldan (4): Roldan didn’t do much in general. He was neither good nor bad, save for some cheap giveaways in the midfield. He doesn’t appear to have gained much trust from his fellow team members, who almost seem to second guess utilizing him as an option.

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  • Aaron Kovar (4): Kovar continues to be a spotty substitute for Clint Dempsey. Often lost in the attack, he did not show any offensive awareness. This nullified most of the Sounders potential threats. Whenever Jordan Morris made a run into the box with the ball, Kovar was nowhere to be found.
  • Jordan Morris (9): Morris didn’t see many touches this match, but this is due more to the inept attacking support than his own skill. Morris was by far Seattle’s most threatening offensive player, but throughout the first half he had absolutely no support. During the second half, right after TFC scored their first goal, Morris showed great experience with a resounding response. He scored a solid goal off a very nearly individual effort. For his individual effort and response, he’s my MOTM.
  • Andreas Ivanschitz (5): Ivanschitz seems to be struggling as well to find a rhythm. Admittedly, he seemed to be playing in a nearly entire offensive role. His touches were off overall, and the Austrian seemed to be more inclined to find fault with the calls than to make things work on the pitch.

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  • Tony Alfaro (8): Alfaro came into the match early in the second half for Chad Marshall, who left due to a head injury. Aside from one passing error, Alfaro continued to prove why he should have a consistent spot in the back line. He played with intelligence, care, and the passion of a player wanting that first spot.
  • Nelson Valdez (7): Valdez came in as that fired up sub for Ivanschitz, ready to run through some walls and try to score a goal. He nearly did, and used the minutes given well to activate some attacks, pull defenders, and in general cause havoc in the back. But no goals were to be had for the striker, and by the end of the match he looked to be well done in.
  • Hercules Gomez (6): Gomez came in late in the second half, subbing on for Aaron Kovar. It looked as thought he was going to be used as the last ditch effort to get a deciding goal, but there were not many opportunities for the striker. He had a chance to tap in a skidding ball across the goal, but it looked to have too much pace for Gomez to handle.