Chivas USA vs. Philadelphia Union: 10 Bold Predictions


Jul 12, 2013; Chester, PA, USA; Philadelphia Union forward Conor Casey (6) challenges Chivas USA midfielder Marco Delgado (12) for control of the ball during the 2nd half of the match at PPL Park. The Union won the match 3-1. Mandatory Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

If there was a proper way to finish a heady month of May in Major League Soccer, this is the way: a glorified pillow fight between two clubs that have fallen on hard times. On one corner, you have Wilmer Cabrera’s Chivas USA, a ship without a rudder, slowly floating into the depths of oblivion. On another corner, you have John Hackworth’s Philadelphia Union, another ship without a rudder, and perhaps in need of a new admiral steering it back to safe waters.

It’s a glorified pillow fight at StubHub Center on Saturday night. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. PT/10:30 p.m. ET and will be televised by MLS LIVE. Here are 10 Bold Predictions for Saturday’s match between Chivas USA and the Philadelphia Union.

1. At least 40 fouls and five cards

Well, this is going to be a match that won’t be easy on the eyes, and for good reason. There’s going to be a lot of serious fouls dished out. We’re talking at least 40 fouls whistled and at least five cards of any cards issued.

2. Maurice Edu will score

Whether it’s via a penalty, or via a goal on the run of play, Maurice Edu will score. So look for a goal from Philadelphia’s most prominent DP in an attempt to get a scoring hotstreak going.

3. No goals for Erick Torres

Perhaps Erick Torres would be wise to reassess whether or not he should have a future with the soon-to-be-rebranded Chivas USA. El Cubo will not score in this game.

4. Vincent Nogueira…will score

As for Vincent Nogueira, the former Sochaux standout will rediscover his scoring form on Saturday against Chivas USA. Nogueira will score in the second half.

5. No goals for Antoine Hoppenot

Antoine Hoppenot has struggled to find his scoring form and his struggles will continue on Saturday at the Hub. There will be no goals for Hoppenot in this game.

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6. Zach Pfeffer will score

Youngster Zach Pfeffer was the one bright spot for Philly in their 4-1 defeat to the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday. Pfeffer will come off the bench and score for the Union against Chivas.

7. Leonardo Fernandes with at least two assists

Midfielder Leonardo Fernandes was unable to get an assist against the Los Angeles Galaxy, but against Chivas USA, he will have a big day. Fernandes gets at least two assists in this game.

8. Zac MacMath with at least four saves

After being on the wrong side of history, Union goalkeeper Zac MacMath will be on the right side of a winning scoreline with at least four saves against Chivas USA.

9. Dan Kennedy with at least four saves

This is a game that will be full of shots, and Chivas USA goalkeeper Dan Kennedy will have an unenviable task of having to stop a number of these said shots. Kennedy will make at least four saves in this game.

10. Philadelphia doops Chivas

So what do you do after you concede a historic milestone by a certain snubbed legend of American soccer? Easy: you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go back to winning. Though it’s uncertain whether or not John Hackworth will survive this season, the MLS Multiplex believes it is certain that the Philadelphia Union will win easily over Chivas USA.

Philadelphia Union 3, Chivas USA 0