No mere MLS feeder: USL expansion powers up this summer

It’s true. Some USL (United Soccer League) teams have a ‘2’ in their names. Yet 2 doesn’t mean back burner. You’ll learn that in a summer announcement as USL expansion rockets exciting soccer into more cities.

Second tier soccer? USL’s FC Cincinnati had a box office ranking 16th in North American soccer in 2016, better than 25% of MLS teams last year. USL expansion means big shows headed for more of their league’s pitches right now.

Fun Starting This Summer

In his interview with Washington Post‘s Steven Goff last week, USL President Jake Edwards said he will make announcements from these cities:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Fresno, California
  • Birmingham, Alabama

He promised more news coming soon of developments for confirmed 2018 league entry Nashville SC.

Furthermore, Edwards said at least eight groups look to enter the USL for 2019-2020, with an application from D.C. United to enter its own club and serious developments in Baltimore:

It’s moving along nicely. It think it’s going to be a tremendous success in Baltimore. We continue to work through that project with D.C. United. They want to do things at a very high level.

No Back Seat for This League

With the cities and action filling up for USL, the league announced a plan targeted for 2019 for a Division III soccer league. Edwards said about 12 cities stand ready to fill stadiums in this venture.

Not just thinking big, the USL keeps thinking bigger. So do the groups developing their newest teams. Ray Beshoff, speaking in the Fresno Bee for his group, said soccer fans there expect the best for their pitch.

Now we’re excited and going to spend the next couple of months bringing together a world-class club.

Keep planning and playing like champions, USL. That’s what you’re becoming.