MLS Decision Day Will Decided Cascadia Cup Winner

This Sunday, MLS Decision Day will not only decide who will make it above the red line, but also who will win the Cascadia Cup.

The Pacific Northwest is about to have a crazy Sunday. With Portland and Seattle trying to clinch a playoff spot, Portland and Vancouver are also looking to take home the Cascadia Cup, which currently resides with the Sounders fans.


The Cascadia Cup was created by the supporters of the Sounders, Timbers and Whitecaps in 2004, when all 3 teams were in the USL. Though the competition kept going between the Timbers and the Whitecaps once the Sounders moved to the MLS in 2009, it wasn’t until 2011 that the three sides were able to all go at it again since they were all in the MLS. Only the games that these three teams play against each other (i.e. this weekend’s clash between Vancouver and Portland) count in the competition.

For more information and how much it means to the fans, watch the following video/

Here are the current Cascadia Cup standings:

Portland Timbers5932013103
Seattle Sounders693301011-1
Vancouver Whitecaps5623079-2


Though Seattle is technically tied for points with first place Portland Timbers, mathematically they are eliminated from Cascadia Cup competition. In order for the Sounders to overtake Portland in the standings, Vancouver would have to beat Portland by more than 4 goals, which would put Vancouver above them.

But between Portland and Vancouver, the Whitecaps would need a big win over the Timbers to claim their 3rd Cascadia Cup in 4 years. Unless Vancouver beats Portland by more than 5 goals, which is very unlikely, the Timbers will be taking home only their second Cascadia Cup in the MLS era and their first since 2012.