Don Garber Says MLS Could Be Heading To St. Louis

Although Major League Soccer has introduced two new expansion sides for the 2015 campaign, the league is far from finished expanding yet. The plan is to have 24 teams in place by 2020 and at the SuperDraft on Thursday, MLS commissioner, Don Garber shed some more light on the situation.

“I’m going to be out in St. Louis in the next couple of weeks,” Garber told media between rounds of the 2015 MLS SuperDraft. “St. Louis has got a lot of activity going on with a stadium that they’re trying to get done for the [NFL] Rams. There’s a big soccer community out there and we’d love to see a soccer stadium downtown like they’re thinking about a football stadium.

“San Antonio has been very active,” continued Garber. “There’s a lot of stuff going on. There’s a lot of interest in expansion.”

With the likes of Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Sacramento also all interested in an MLS side, the league is in a good position.

“It’s very positive that we have multiple owners in an important market that want to come into Major League Soccer,” Garber said. “We have got a lot of decisions we need to make. We are bullish on Minneapolis. We think it’s a good market, it’s an important market for us strategically from a geographic perspective.

“We love the two ownership groups. We’ve been spending time with both of them. We have work to do with both groups. But I’m very bullish on the market.”

According to Garber’s words on Thursday, it is likely Minneapolis will be getting a team in the near future. Also, Los Angeles II and Atlanta have been awarded franchises which leaves only one spot left. Considering David Beckham’s Miami franchise isn’t making any moves in terms of a new stadium either, the league could be headed to St. Louis.

There is still a lot that needs to happen in order for any city to be awarded a franchise but Garber’s words on Thursday can only be perceived as good news for soccer fans in Missouri.